THYSSEN KRUPP LEV MAIN BD (GREEN) – ThyssenKrupp 6300MM3 – Elevator Circuit Board Repair, Elevator Parts and Components


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  • WORLD Part Number: 7103.1030
  • Available For: Repair
  • WORLD electronics fully functional tests each board for proper operation. Our simulator makes the board function like it is in an actual elevator. It has call/hall buttons, motor, brake and position indicators. When we place a call, the brake lifts and the motor turns. As the motor turns, we send the appropriate signals to the board making it think the car is moving up the hoist way. It then levels into the floor, the motor stops, brake picks and PI shows the next landing. The door unlocks for a period of time and then waits for another call. Just like your home elevator reacts. We also give the board improper signals to make it fault out and display the error codes to the position indicator. Each board gets fully tested.

  • ThyssenKrupp 6300MM3
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    ThyssenKrupp 6300MM2
    ThyssenKrupp 6300MM4