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Elevator PCB Repair

Elevator PCB Repair Services and Turn-A-round


RUSH Service

Your RUSH repair will be completed within 24 hours of its arrival at WORLD electronics. These packages are shipped via UPS NDA or FedEx P1. Remember to indicate “RUSH” or “CAR DOWN.” This is the most popular method among our customers.

TWO DAY Service

Second in priority! The two day is turned around within 48 hours and will be shipped via UPS 2-Day, or Fed-Ex 2-Day.


These repairs are completed after the two above but before the standard turn repairs. It offers our customers speed and economy. These repairs are shipped within 72 hours of receipt. WORLD electronics will use UPS 3-Day Select or FedEx 3-Day Economy shipping method.


This is the most economical way to have your circuit boards repaired. These repairs are typically shipped via UPS Ground Track. These repairs are completed on first come, first serve basis only.


  • Some services are subject to component availability.
  • Additional charges apply to “RUSH,” “TWO DAY,” and “THREE DAY” services.
  • Please mark your paperwork very clearly as to the type of service that you require.
  • Please enclose your company name, address, phone number, name of the person to contact, and ship-to address.
  • Please enclose a purchase order number (PO#).
  • You DO NOT need an RMA # to send in a repair.
  • All repairs include the standard 90-Day Warranty unless otherwise noted.
  • A short description of the problem is always helpful to our technicians.
  • If you prefer a carrier other than the WORLD electronics’ defaults, just ask. Some examples are FedEx P1 Saturday, UPS NDA Early AM, and UPS Bill Recipient.
  • If you would like an estimate before authorizing a repair, please state so. A technician will call with an estimate based on a preliminary evaluation of your repair.

Circuit Board Repair Service & Instructions

WORLD has a team of talented technicians who utilize over a million dollars worth of automatic test and repair equipment to offer you the most versatile elevator electronics repair services available.

About Our Circuit Board Repair Procedure

Every board that is repaired by WORLD is serialized and tracked by computer to let each of us know when the board was received, repaired and shipped back to you. Each time a board is received into our repair department, its serial number hits our history file, and gives us the repair history of the board. An analysis of past failures often results in a recommendation to either (A) check the job for problems which may be taking out the board, or (B) replace the board completely.

All repairs are returned with a problem report documented directly on the packing slip.