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FREEDOMWare – Elevator Control Systems Diagnostic Software

Notebook Computer Windows Based Diagnostic and Adjustment Tool

  • Simple point and click operation
  • Complete adjustability
  • Easy to diagnose fault display
  • Automatic testing
  • Save and restore variables
  • and much more…

Stay Competitive!

FREEDOMWare® stand-alone software modules are usable on most notebook computers. The following minimum specifications are required: PC based notebook with Windows XP or newer and at least two available USB ports.
32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows are compatible.

Immediate turnaround repairs from our service department,technical support from our engineers, and replacement boards in stock are just 3 simple reasons to say “YES” to those once turned away contracts!
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Buy one or all of the following software modules or add a module as your business grows!

7502.9011Dover DMC-I™
7502.9014Dover Traction T-III/T-IV™
7502.9023Dover 6300GE Door Operator
7502.9020MAC Marathon®
7502.9019Montgomery ES-5000®
7502.9016Montgomery Miprom 21/Megatech™
7502.9015Schindler/Westinghouse MPH-I™ & MPH-2™ 300A™ and EPOCH 1 & 2™
7502.9017US/Thyssen MP-1220™/MP-1230™/Ascension 1000™/Ascension 2000

Call our sales department and inquire about future software modules currently under development.

App Diagnostic and Adjustment Tool

Android AppDover DMC-I™