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  • DOVER DMC Replacement Boards

    WORLD electronics still manufactures replacements and offers repair services for DOVER DMC-1 circuit boards. WORLD also carries the DMC-1 FREEDOMWare diagnostic software.

  • OTIS Hydraulic Replacement Boards

    WORLD electronics fully supports the Otis LRV/LRS hydraulic series elevators with NEW replacement circuit boards. If a new board is not what you need, repair options are also always available.

  • Otis Tape Reader Board

    WORLD electronics is now offering a replacement Otis tape reader board for Otis 211 systems.

    Refer to this link for compatible part numbers.

  • Schindler 330A Repairs

    WORLD electronics is currently offering STANDARD repairs of Schindler CPBHNA and HPBHNA boards.

  • FREEDOMWare updates support Windows XP service pack 3 up to Windows 10. Click the DOWNLOAD button to update your software.

  • Android App for DMC-I

    Three available purchase options: (7-Day, 30-Day, and 365-Day).

    7502.9432-RP DMC FREEDOM Tool Interface is required to communicate with the DMC-I.

  • WORLD electronics now can repair TKA P/N2900101 and P/N2900102 LEV (Blue) boards . Our simulator makes the board “think” it is in an elevator while fully functionally testing it.


  • Introducing Our New Online Shopping Cart

  • Let WORLD electronics repair the Thyssen Access 6300MM* “LEV” main controller board from your residential elevator since the OEM ceased all support for this product. We can repair the board to get your elevator running again.

  • WORLD electronics created a point of contact to better serve our customers’ requests. Multiple representatives will be available to handle your needs. Click HERE to open e-mail.


WORLD Class Products & Support for the Elevator Industry

WORLD electronicsThe most extensive array of OEM replacement circuit boards for the elevator industry. Our replacement printed circuit boards are designed and built to be better than the original.

The most complete range of repair capabilities in our state-of-the-art facility. If we can’t replace your circuit board, chances are we can repair it. Our system simulation equipment reduces circuit board repair time, keeps costs in line and ensures that your circuit board will work when you get it back.