Engineering Consulting Services | WORLD electronics

Engineering Consulting Services

Engineering Consulting Services

  • Electronic and Electromechanical Design and Prototypes
  • Contract Manufacturing Services
  • Software and Hardware Development – Special Applications
  • Computer Aided Test Engineering
  • Bed of Nails or Card Edge In-Circuit Routines
  • Analog or Digital Circuitry
  • Pre or Post Production Testing
  • Full Documentation
  • Trouble-shooting and Component-Level Repairs – Field and In-House
  • Fully Documented Computer-Aided Design Services

WORLD is a well established electronics manufacturing and test facility. We are uniquely suited to handle projects that present special requirements – custom design, high tolerance testing, proprietary circuitry, hybridized technology, etc. From simple to the highly complex, WORLD has consistently demonstrated its ability to produce results intelligently, economically and expeditiously.

Field Engineering/Consulting Services

If you are faced with a technical problem in the field, our engineering staff is available for consultation within its sphere of expertise. We will not accept consulting assignments dealing with systems beyond our level of competence, but will be happy to be of service whenever we are able. Contact either the sales department or our service manager for more details.