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GFC IIA Elevator Regulator

GFC IIA Elevator RegulatorGFC IIA replaces U.S. Elevator (Varitron) SSD1, Elevator Industries GMB (Model A), Reliable Elevator GFC, GFCII. Also replaces E-I GMB (Model B) with minor wiring change.

NOTE: Also used in variable voltage controllers made by numerous regional companies, such as, Virginia Controls, Vertitron, Mid-American, Century, etc. See full specification below and an expanded data sheet.

WORLD # Description OEM #
7000.9012 Generator Field Control Regulator 7000.9012
7000.9013 GFC IIA Cable Assembly* 7000.9013
7000.9016 GFC IIA Box Assembly • 7000.9016
7000.9021 GFC IIA Knob Protection Bracket** 7000.9021
7000.9022 GFC IIA Installation Kit ~ 7000.9022

*4′ cable used to interface GFC IIA regulator to system. Complete with 24 pin connector.
• Heavy duty steel enclosure used to mount GFC IIA on site or in control cab. Can also be used with GFC, GFC II, lSSD-1, GMB-A and GMB-B.
** In some areas of the country, UL requires this cover to be used. The bracket protects all of the external potentiometer knobs from accidental bumping once the GFC IIA is adjusted properly.
~ Kit includes all external resistors, capacitors and relays necessary to interface GFC IIA or other generator field control regulators to a motor-generator set.

Supplies generator shunt field, brake excitations. Provides consistent, smooth, stepless acceleration, and stopping functions, and is adaptable to all new or modernized elevator installations up to 350 FPM. Incorporates the following independent controls:

  • High speed
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration – one floor run
  • Deceleration – multi-floor run
  • Approach speed
  • Level speed
  • Relevel speed
  • Motor field weakening

Solid state design. Furnishes built-in protection from loss of motor field.
All units undergo high-temp environmental testing and burn-in to minimize problems caused by infant component mortality after installation in the field. (Box and cable assembly not included.)

Technical Specifications:

Supply: 220 – 240 VAC – 60Hz, single phase
Input: Dry contact closure or transistor drive
Output: Generator field: 5A @ 140 VDC max @ 40 – 150 0HMS
Hoist motor field: 8A @ 200 VDC max @ 30 – 150 0HMS
Brake: 3A @ 200 VDC mac @100 – 500 OHMS
Soft stop: 30 MA @ 35 VDC
Generator: 16A
Hoist motor field: 15A
Brake: 3A
Generator field excitation range, ADJ O to:
High: 140 VDC
Intermediate: 120 VDC
High level: 50 VDC
Level: 10 VDC
Relevel: 20 VDC
Acceleration: ADJ .05 – 4.0 seconds
Deceleration: ADJ 0.5 – 4.0 seconds
Size: 6” x 9 3/4” x 5”
OP temperature: -32° to +120° (F)
Accessories for GFC IIA
7000.9013 4’ cable w/connector
7000.9016 Box for mounting
7000.9022 R/C interface kit
Connector: Cinch S3324CCE