Elevator Lenses

Elevator LensesOur famous “black ruby” lens was custom designed to pass only the brilliant color of our ruby-red LED displays. Showing a satin black surface to the rider, only the lighted segments show through. They are made of cast acrylic and machined to fit flush through a .125 thick panel.

Note: Our position indicators are stocked with red LED characters. We will be happy to quote any custom display requirement.

Black Ruby – Red P.I.
7504.9002 2 character, 2 or 2.3 inch
7504.9003 2 character, 2 or 2.3 inch
7504.9004 2 character, 1 inch
7504.9005 2 character, 2 or 2.3 inch
7504.9006 2 character, 4 inch
7504.9007 2 character, 5/8 inch
Green P.I.
7504.9008 2 character, 2 or 2.3 inch smoke color
7504.9009 2 character, 5/8 inch smoke color

Three available purchase options: (7-Day, 30-Day and 365-Day).

7502.9432-RP DMC FREEDOM Tool Interface is required to communicate with the DMC-I.