Elevator Encoders

Elevator EncodersAll are 32 position
Note: 33 – 64 positions require 2 of appropriate encoder.

Relay encoders are required to convert relay logic position indicator drive to binary format. Each encoder will drive virtually unlimited number of PI’s. Microprocessor systems having a 6-bit binary output can drive PI’s directly, with no encoder required.

7501.9058 RE24AC, 24 VAC
7501.9060 RE125, 125 VAC/DC
7501.9061 RE48, 48 VDC
7501.9062 RE24, 24 VDC
7501.9063 RE12, 12 VAC/DC
7501.9064 RE48RP, 48 VDC, reverse polarity
7501.9088 RE24RP, 24 VDC, reverse polarity

Three available purchase options: (7-Day, 30-Day and 365-Day).

7502.9432-RP DMC FREEDOM Tool Interface is required to communicate with the DMC-I.