Dataman S4 Universal Memory Copier, Programmer, Emulator

Dataman S4 Universal Memory Copier, Programmer, EmulatorBattery powered,hand held portable programmer will duplicate 24, 28, 32 pin memory chips up to 512K in the field, in minutes! Copies EPROMs of the 27 series (2716, 27C64, 256 and 512), flash EPROMs, EEPROMS of 28, 52, 55, 98 series (virtually anything you will find in an elevator.)

For the more advanced user, the unit is capable of data manipulation, either remotely with a computer via RS232 interface or via the unit’s own keyboard. It also provides plug-in emulation for EPROMs, so you can test a new program before burning an EPROM.

WORLD carries most of the more commonly used blank memory chips in stock, at reasonable cost. Also, most are available through local electronic distributors.

DATAMAN comes complete with batteries and a full manual, ready to operate.

Other Accessories Available
DataPro 2T EPROM Eraser with Timer / AC Power Supply 7501.9110
Samsonite Carrying Case for S4 7501.9111
9 Pin to 25 Pin Male serial cable 7501.9112
25 Pin Female to Male Serial Cable 7501.9113
40 Pin Adapter 7501.9115
S4 NiCd Battery Pack 7501.9116